What is the difference between performance marketing & brand marketing?

Digital Marketing has many aspects, Performance Marketing, and Brand Marketing are just 2 of them.

But What’s the difference?

Performance Marketing has only one KPI, conversion. All their activities are centric towards this goal this often involves running PPC campaigns, Email Campaigns, etc. When working with partners, they are compensated based on a defined action, it may be a sale, lead, or click. This is often called BTL (Below the line) marketing.

Brand marketing is responsible for building the reputation of the brands and is often measured on KPIs like returning users, increase in unique visitors, aligning demographics, and building a loyal customer. Brand marketing goals are more long term and help companies to grow organically. This is often called ATL (Above the line) marketing.

There is a famous saying which says- “Brand Marketing creates the first impression while Performance Marketing gets the last click”

When any activity is conducted with a combined objective to increase brand awareness with conversions that fall into TTL Marketing or through the line marketing.