Facebook, The New age E-Commerce platform?

Facebook has evolved from being a news feed to an address book, a place to connect with people, a video conferencing application, and is now on the path to become an online storefront.

With 16% of the world’s population logging in everyday, Facebook shops get access to the large customer base of this social media giant. Their power to drive traffic to your store and sell products directly to active users is something that makes Facebook and Instagram Marketing E-Commerce so popular in times where social media marketing is taking a run.

The growing popularity of Facebook Commerce is mainly because of the ease with which a store can be set up online and the ease to find, as they can be accessed through the business’ page itself. Be it e-mail marketing, campaigns coming with objectives to direct them to the right audience, use of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct, Facebook and partners have taken the E-commerce platform by a storm.

With the chaos caused by the pandemic in the offline shopping market, Facebook Shops are here to stay.

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