Tik Tok Ads, worth your buck?

Is TikTok worth your Ad Money? Is it a good platform for advertising? What type of returns you can expect?

TikTok, a Chinese Application, brought to India by ByteDance has over 800 million active users. It is available in 155 countries and is exploding in popularity only within 3 years of its launch.

A lot of brands are interested in running Ads on TikTok but are not sure whether they will be able to reach out to the target audience.

As per SimilarWeb, In India, TikTok is dominated by Female users (57%) with and is entire user base is divided into 5 age groups-

  • 18-24: 34.23%
  • 24-34: 32.55%
  • 35-44: 27.92%
  • 45-54: 4.9%
  • 55+ 0.79%

TikTok Caters to 2 major age groups: 18-24 & 24-34 and provides 4 Ad Formats-

  1. Brand takeover: Image, GIF or video ads that allow one brand to dominate a specific topic for the day.
  2. In-feed native video: Vertical 9-15 second video ads that show up on the “For You” page.
  3. Hashtag challenge: Create sponsored hashtags to encourage user-generated content, engage users and attract influencers.
  4. Branded lenses: Create 2D or 3D lenses that users can try out for themselves.
Source- Digiday

Another highlight is that the videos are too short and are not sticky (like youtube) to create a sustained attention span, which might not bring out the essence of the brand to the fullest.

You can have a 3-second image splash or a 3-5 second video ad in the user feed which will redirect users to your landing page.

Chipotle’s #Boorito challenge or Walmart’s #dealdropdance challenge, Sephora’s campaigns and Calvin Klein’s promotional strategy, brings one very important thing not to be missed out.  It is the industry that matters a lot. The fashion industry, FMCG products industry, the entertainment industry might be some of the industries that find Tik Tok worth a marketing campaign.

However, Facebook Retail Marketing & Instagram Marketing offers better outreach interest-based targeting to brands.