Best Ads during COVID-19 Crisis!

There are multiple industries that have had a major hit due to the global crisis. With the fall in sales, the advertising and marketing efforts call for a major change.

The shift of consumers to their homes for larges time periods, marketing efforts required a shift too. What was focused on by brands was the change of marketing channels as there were live sport cancellations, shut-down of cinema houses, no live concerts which attracted a large audience. The priority was to shift to channels that are being most used during the strict work-from-home policies.

Brands of these industries resorted to creative means to reach out to customers and maintain their presence. Read on to find out some of the advertisements that struck me the most!

1. BMW- The Curve Up Ahead: Flatten the Curve

It is a 30 second commercial which says we can drive forward by not driving at all. It is very meaningful and has put the major use of cars in a witty manner. It also shows the curves of roads and mentions that the only curve that matters right now is the curve we need to flatten. Through this it has also used the concept of curves to fit perfectly with the advertisement.

2. Honda- #StayHome

Honda presented a very interesting concept of using a toy car in the advertisement. It showed the importance of staying home by not using an outside location. It added the line of until we drive again which can be interpreted as a sense of hope and also instills patience till the lives got back to normal.

Other interesting advertisements in the automobile industry came from Nissan, Volvo, Hyundai and Toyota.

3. Budweiser #WhassupBudChallenge

To remind people to check in on friends and family during the lockdown period, Budweiser revisited its iconic ‘Whassup’ adverts. It re-recorded audios to ensure the ad obeys the governments lockdown measures and the spot leads the viewer to believe that they are communicating with each other from quarantine. It aims at encouraging people to think of those who might need them right now with the message: ‘Buds Support Buds; Check-In On Yours.’ Another commercial it introduced was themed as “One Team”.

4. Coca-Cola: To the Human Race

One thing that caught the ears the most was the choice of song. It went with a cheerful song over a melancholic one which was a break of monotony. It showcased “Reasons to Live” in the commercial to spread positivity which also conveyed the message of optimism. It was dedicated “To The Human Race”

5. Apple- Creativity Goes On

What most appealed about the ad was the clever use of all Apple devices to spread the message of creativity. It used the tagline of “Creativity Goes On” to inspire the viewers to go creative during such times.

6. Uber- Thank you for not riding with us!

An interesting feature of Uber’s ad was its core message “Thank You For Not Riding With Us”. It reflected a sense of care and how the brand supports the right cause. It also captured humans in lockdown very beautifully and compiled all the activities that can be done while staying in homes which makes the ad meaningful.

7. CLEAR Haircare- #Comebackstronger ft. Cristiano Ronaldo

In its commercial it came up with the hashtag #ComeBackStronger. The ad is an encouragement to people to utilise their idle time and do what they love. It sent the message of the fact that everything will come back to normal soon but you should come back stronger.

8. Bose- Dear Neighbour #StayNoisy

The commercial was addressed at “Dear Neighbour” and listed multiple things that can be done during the lockdown and then in the end said “I am glad you’re okay”. It was interesting to use the neighbour technique as People tend to care more about the ones next door. It promoted its noise cancellation headphones through the ad.

The advertisements focused on majorly how a brands products can be used during the quarantine situation and added positive messages to instil hopes in people.

To add on to the efforts made by brands to address COVID, Swiggy, Zomato, Burger King, KFC, Dominos are some major food delivery players in the industry. They ensured health check-ups, temperature screening, regular sanitization and no-contact delivery as a huge part of their coping efforts.

 Major surveys reported that while loads of companies are bunkering down, 1 in every 4 companies plan to increase their marketing activities.

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